5/8/08 "Eggs"

It is very hard to type the Happs when you have a cat trying to sabotage your every move. I’m housesitting for a friend of mine and it’s like an animal dystopia. Inside the house I have to deal with three “indoor kitties” and one Chihuahua; outside the number of cats reaches well into the tens of thousands. And then there’s a rabbit and a chicken.

One cat in particular – the aforementioned saboteur – is a little too smart for my liking. When he hops up on the computer table, he seems to go directly for the mouse, using his head to force me into clicking wildly, and the keyboard, where he sprawls out across it, causing my screen to scroll around and highlight random words. Perhaps he thinks he is a keyboard? If that is the case, he is clearly broken, as typing on his stomach makes nothing appear on screen. I’m throwing this keyboard cat into the garbage.

So the Chef Dylan storyline is officially over and I think we’re going to do at least a few “random” installments before jumping into another one. Logan posted on the forums a while back about he didn’t much care for the storylines, which exploded into an all out mutiny. The forums be hopping!!!!

“Mutiny” is being over dramatic, of course. Jeff and I agree with a lot of the criticism we get and we’re always trying to hone our comedic talent. I’m going to hone it into a sharp blade and stick right between Logan’s eyes.