5/15/08 "Cell Phone Shark"

This weekís installment is a comic that I wrote a while back while I was looking into cell phone plans. I have terrible credit, so prepaid was what I needed, but I couldnít find a prepaid plan that fit my needs. As a result, this comic was born.

So I conquered GTA IV. Iím surprised that it took me this long, considering how excited Iíve been about it. I mentioned a few weeks ago that it was the best game I had ever played. Now, 2 weeks later, after my initial hype has waned and Iíve put twice as much time into, I still stand by my judgment. The campaign was an amazing experience, and even though Iím done with it, thereís still a wide variety of things to do in the game. And even after I do those things and complete it 100%, the amount of fun you can have just dicking around is unparallel in the video game world.

When I first heard they were making a live-action Speed Racer movie, I thought it was a neat idea. I didnít watch the cartoon a lot as a kid, but I was aware of it, so there was some nostalgia there. As the movie loomed closer and closer, I lost interest. Then, I saw Iron Man, and I no longer gave half a shit. Iím glad that movie bombed.

I have roughly two days left in this animal-infested hellhole. I talked about my situation here last week and it prompted Google Ads like ďDoes Cat Pee Everywhere?Ē

No, but dog does.