5/31/08 "Coffeemergency"

Coming at you late, Happs in your face!

So Jeff’s birthday was this past Thursday and he is now the big 2-4. Crazy. Nick, Chris, and I picked him up a piñata for his birthday. The selection at Food Maxx was pretty lackluster, and as we were about to settle on a Blue Power Ranger or some shit, I spotted a piñata with unkempt hair and some sort of one-piece brown garment. We picked that up and after Chris and I worked a little magic with a sharpie, we had a full-blown homeless man. Our story to Jeff was that we found him lying dead on the side of the highway; his insides had been candied.

Today’s comic once again features Jeff’s infatuation with Coffee Shop Girl. I hope they hook up! I’m going to keep pushing for gratuitous porn comics until Jeff caves. I think it’s a solid direction. So many webcomics out there do “funny” but you rarely ever see “pornography.”


Hee heeeeeee.

So as the fall shows end their seasons, my time for rest draws near. Once the Battlestar Galactica season finale airs, I will fall into my season-long slumber and awake once the television shows start to turn brown and fall from the trees of show business. What a beautiful time of year.