4/3/08 "Umbrella Fire"

Hello internet!

Iíve been sick for the past 4 or so days Ė not the stomach thing I mentioned last update, a whole new ballgame - and because of this I completely lost all track of time. I didnít even know we updated tonight until Jeff told me a few hours ago. Well here I am!

We got a few more forum members in the last week or so which is fantastic. I thought that place was long dead. Donít let it die!

I canít believe itís taken me this long to watch Thereís Something About Mary in its entirety. While itís no Dumb and Dumber, itís a pretty hilarious movie. At least I didnít hate Ben Stiller in it!

So April Fools Day is gone and past, which is good, because as much as I like reading hilarious fake news stories, I hate that I can only read hilarious fake news stories. Itís kind of silly that thereís an actual holiday that revolves around lying.

So we have less than a month until Grand Theft Auto IV and the excitement is getting hard to handle. If I didnít have a job, I would just sleep until it arrived. This is actually something thatís gone through my head before. Whenever Iím anticipating something, Iíd love to be able to just hibernate until said thing happened. Why canít I do that? This is bullshit.