4/10/08 "Poop Brain"

It’s April 9th, exactly four months away from my birthday! I saw the “A” on the calendar followed later by the “9” and had a mini-freak out. I somehow lost all track of time and thought for a split second that it could be the 3rd quarter of 2008.

This week we continue the chronicles of Chef Dylan and his mishaps. Last week I burned a hot dog cart down on purpose, making me an arsonist. Should my character – at some point down the road – have wacky prison adventures? Perhaps Logan could represent me in court with his infinite wisdom. Though at some point he would inevitably get bored with the ongoing trial and just tune it out. This is what he does. He’s a monster.

I feel the need to once again point out the fact that our forums still exist. If you like this week’s comic (or hate it), feel free to voice your opinion in the appropriate thread. Be warned, however, that if we disapprove of anything you say, we reserve the right to replace it with a phallic emoticon.

If any Pennsylvania residents are reading this, remember that your state’s primary is in less than two weeks! Get out there and vote! I’m not trying to “do my part” and “get” all the “kids” “involved” in politics, I’m just trying to get Barack Obama in the white house. Go vote for Barack Obama.