4/17/08 "Summer Dress"

I am flipping my shit over Grand Theft Auto IV. Flipping. My. Shit.

Iím also flipping it over westerns. I did a write-up on the Colt Single Action Army for OMG Metal Gear and that kicked off this crazy phase that Iím in. Iíve always liked westerns, but right now I like them more. Iím watching an Italian western from 1966 called DJANGO! Itís about a guy named DJANGO who roams the land dragging a coffin behind him and killing scoundrels. Iím not sure why he drags the coffin yet as Iím only 10 minutes in but I bet itís going to be an awesome reason.


There was a democratic debate tonight in Philadelphia. If you missed it, Iím sure you can find it online on youtube or maybe barackobama.com. Feel free to head over to the forums and discuss it, as we have an Obama thread going on and it needs more support!

Thereís been some discussion on the forums about whether or not Jeff and I should stick to storylines or start doing more standalone, random comics. The consensus seems to be that we should do a little of both, so thatís what weíre aiming for.

Doing a webcomic on the internet sure is hard.