4/24/08 "Trick Chair"

Remember last week when I said I was flipping my shit over GTA IV? That is nothing compared how high itís flipping this week. Holy shitballs. Iím flipping my shitballs.

Speaking of shitballs, I like that this weekís comic is the very definition of potty humor.

So as expected, Obama lost the Pennsylvania primary to Rod Ham. Oh, by the way, Iím very sick of typing the candidate who will not be named, so her new name is Rod Ham. Itís not new, exactly, as itís her real middle name, but ROD HAM is a hilarious twist on it.

The final tally was 55% to 45%. 10 points is pretty substantial, but Obama is still leading by 161 delegates, so from what Iíve heard the Obama camp doesnít have much Ė if anything Ė to worry about.

In all of my GTA craze, I completely forgot that Iron Man comes out next Friday. Well, technically it comes out Thursday; I guess some theaters will be showing it that night. And I donít mean a midnight showing, I mean at like 8 oíclock.

And a quick trip over to our local theaterís website shows that theyíre getting it on Thursday, though it doesnít say what time?