8/21/08 "Fag-Munch"

This week marks the second time that our theater has planned on getting rid of The Dark Knight and then kept it. Itís pretty amazing that a movie lasts this long in our theater, let alone a movie I care about, let alone a movie that I love! Disappointmentville just got a little less disappointing. Something will come along to fuck that up though, just you wait and see.

Jeff linked me to this and itís possibly the best thing Iíve ever heard. Itís a Britney Spears concert from Vegas with her vocals isolated from everything else. Despite saying itís the best thing Iíve ever heard, itís also the worst thing Iíve ever heard. Such is the power of the internet.

I bought some off-brand cup of noodles from Grocery Outlet called Smack noodles. We had a pretty great time with that, what with me storing my smack in Chrisís trunk and then him later delivering me said smack in exchange for video games.

Jeff and I are going to an event on Friday called A Taste of Lakeport, where Iíll consume as much free food as humanly possible and possibly wine. Iíll let you know how Disappointmentville tastes.