8/29/08 "Talkin' With Girls"
Well, all good things must come to an end and some really terrible things as well. In this case a really ďDisappointingĒ thing. After September 4th Disappointmentville will no longer be updated once a week.

Now before you all start getting worked up, let me just say, You shut up! Shut your filthy mouths! I shall explain. Disappontmentville was originally created as something to get my and Dylanís lazy asses in gear and making some comics. It worked! For me at least. Iím making comics like crazy. Well, Iím trying. Itís been very difficult to work on any other comics projects because I have to make sure I work on a new D-ville each week. So this means putting the work Iím doing aside to work on D-ville, which makes every other comic I do take two to three times longer to complete. I feel that these other projects will benefit me more for my career. They are the type of projects that will be better for my portfolio and for submissions to magazines and stuff. Since D-ville has served its purpose and isnít a raging success, itís only logical that I put it to the side for now and work on some other comics.

The good news is I will be producing more non-Disappointmentville comics and posting them on Inner-Nut. On top of that, I will still be doing one Disappointmentville strip a month. So, Inner-nut will still be full of web comics and hopefully updated on a semi regular basis.

Site updates will be posted in the happs section whenever something new is added to the site. New D-villes will come on the first of each month along with an entertaining happs written by Dylan like usual.