1/1/09 "The New School"

Another year, another 365 dollars; assuming my math is correct. That is a poor annual wage. I hope everyone had a fun New Year’s Eve, and that they hopefully pulled in more than $365 last year.

This month’s comic is about YouTube University, where the slogan is If it’s on the internet, it must be true. Unlike other schools, there is only one clique here – the self-proclaimed “truth seekers.” The two most popular classes at YouTube University touch on the legitimacy of Obama’s birth records and the question of who was really responsible for the September 11th attacks. A cheat sheet for the latter would simply read “the government” with no explanation following.

These classes can be taken entirely online with the streaming video provided by the school. When watching, it’s important to keep an open mind, so that you can easily dispense of the bullshit that your head is filled with.

Jeff and I are still undecided on what changes we want to make to our updating format, but know that we do want to update more frequently. Jeff is getting overwhelmed with work and career issues so getting Disappointmentville back to its weekly updating schedule is a very complicated balancing act. I am little help in this regard, as my advice is stuff like “draw comics 24/7” and other useless suggestions.

We can rebuild Inner Nut. We have the technology.