2/1/09 "Giving a Sh-t"
After a full month of 2009, I think I like it.
Jeff and I are hoping to resume our original once-a-week schedule in March, but that's depending on a lot of factors, so nothing is for sure. Jeff plans to spend the entirety of February knee-deep in comics so that we'll have a nice stockpile ready to go. Let's all hope he doesn't lose his mind in the process. Or maybe that will make the comics even better?

This comic is about Logan and the literal meaning of "give a shit." We've done a lot of comics about Logan being unsympathetic and just generally a terrible person. My fear with these comics is that it's becoming too much of a joke and people will start to think that Logan is actually a nice, well-mannered individual. This is not the case. These comics depict the man that I know fairly accurately. He is not good; there is hate in his eyes. I have seen it.

After a long and arduous battle seriously Jeff has successfully submitted some artwork to iStockPhoto, a stock image site. Their rules for submitting were a pain in Jeff's giant adam's apple, but he was eventually victorious. His artwork isn't actually up on the site yet, but should be there soon. I'll link to it next week if possible.