3/6/09 "Pay Your Wife"
Short and sweet, just like a Chinese Hooker!

This is the end. My only friend, the end.

That lyric is very appropriate for this instance, as this is the last edition of the Happs. "My only friend" also rings true, as I'm pretty sure we only have a single reader.

Jeff and I decided that the Happs really isn't necessary, even more so now that we have a forum. We're still going to reserve a spot on the main page for site news, but this area won't always be updated along with the comic - only when we have something important to say. For discussions about the current comic, we'll still be using the forums for that.

I gotta say this takes a load off my back, because the pressure to write something the same quality as Jeff's artwork is a lot to handle. I'm always hoping for something profound, but it rarely ever comes. So I'll just leave you all with this: "three leaves, itchy poopy."

Remember that when you go camping. It could save your life.