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Work Is Hell: The Audio comic for the illiterate
Trouble reading? Let us do it for you. Enjoy this classic Disappointmentville comic voiced by Jeff Morin.
Subway Revenge
A vengeful subway employee tracks down an unruly subway patron and exacts his revenge.
The Missing
Two fine young men spending their last moments together before they disappear forever.
An asteroid races toward earth threatening life as we know it. Can our hero stop it before the cancer spreads to his brain? 
Smell P.I.
Smell is A private eye with a super sense of smell. He's smellin' up smells all over the place.
Arm wrestle: The Movie
Our pal Justin wanted to make a movie. We had nothing better to do but star in it. This is the horrible result.
Sad Then Happy
A tragic story of a man coping with an emotional emotion disorder. Animated by Dylan Duarte.
Football Cake  
A heartwarming love story about a football and a cake who overcome enormous obstacles to be together even a birthday. Animated by Dylan Duarte.


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