The Daily Doodle
A one panel webcomic done in doodle style.  Updated daily at
Quick Comics
Comics drawn very quickly, originally featured on Jeff's Draw Blog.
Rudolph The Hideous Abomination
A New take on a classic Christmas story. Currently being updated in chapters. Recommended for immature mature audiences only.
Disappointmentville USA
All 102 comic strips that ran from 2007-2009 on this very site starring it's creators Jeff Morin and Dylan Duarte.
Steven Butthole Business Cat
Steven interviews an applicant for the accounting position
while also being a giant cat.
All Terrain Hulk
Based on Zoom N' Go Hulk from Hasbro Toys.
(superheroes, satire)
Justice League Fan Fiction
The true story of how Green Arrow was allowed to
join the Justice League.
(superheroes, satire
Foreshadowing of the Undead
During a round of target practice, two average Joes
ponder some of the more perplexing questions regarding zombies. (Horror, Comedy)
Don Quixote in: Office Wacky Time
The Man of La Mancha working in an office? Oh boy
This is gonna' be good! (Comedy)
Hell is Bad
Thinking about becoming an ax murderer? read this cautionary tale first and be warned. (Comedy)


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